All Season VS Winter Tires

All-Season Tires vs. Winter Tires
All Season Tires

Vancouver drivers have probably heard of all-season tires and winter tires, determining why your vehicle might need winter tires vs. all-season tires can be tricky. Read on for a thorough breakdown of the differences between the two. Then get in touch with the parts department at Freeway Mazda in Surrey to order the tires your vehicle needs. Don’t forget to check our parts specials to see if you can save!

All-Season Tires

All-season tires help provide your car with stable handling and reduced tread wear in both wet and dry conditions. They’re tractable on ice and in light snow conditions. That said, they’re not quite as tractable as winter tires. They also have a lower rolling resistance which results in your car getting better gas mileage, and their less aggressive tread means quieter driving on Burnaby roads.

Winter Tires

Winter tires can handle heavy snowfall and thickly iced-over Burnaby roads. They feature a special rubber compound that stays flexible in extreme cold and an aggressive tread provides an extreme grip on particularly rough winter terrain. This aggressive tread also reduces snow build-up on your tires, making hard braking less risky on ice. The downside to winter tires is that they’ll wear out more quickly on dry roads in the warm months, they’re quite noisy and can have sluggish responsiveness. The main reason to get winters is to increase your peace of mind if you live in an area with brutal winters.

Have More Questions About the Differences Between The Two Tires?

The differences between all-season tires vs. winter tires are subtle, but very important none-the-less. If you have any more questions, reach out to the service department at Freeway Mazda. We’ll make sure you find the right tires. If you have other questions about Mazda parts, be sure to explore our parts tips for more informative reads about how often to change your oil and more! We look forward to showing you the excellent customer service you deserve!