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Battery Replacement Service in Surrey, BC

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Your vehicle’s battery, alternator, and electrical system are easy to take for granted. Many of us don’t even think about what parts of our vehicles are controlled and powered by electricity until something goes wrong. Many responsible vehicle owners and drivers are diligent and keep up with obvious routine maintenance such as oil changes and checking tires, but a faulty battery, alternator, or electrical system going down could easily leave you going nowhere fast.

Electrical faults cause all sorts of different problems from the hardly noticeable to the mildly irritating, inconvenient, or sometimes catastrophic. You could have a warning light on the dash, your power windows might not open or close as they should, or you might experience an annoying whining noise that you might want to try and ignore. However, in a worst-case scenario, electrical faults could lead to your vehicle shutting down entirely or not starting at all when you really need to be somewhere in a hurry.

As soon as you suspect your vehicle has any sort of problem with its electrical system you should visit us here at Freeway Mazda in Surrey for our Mazda-trained and certified technicians to test, diagnose and fix whatever the issue is so you can be on your way again. The fault could be caused by something as quick and easy to fix as a blown fuse, but if the problem is something to do with your alternator or battery then either or both could need fixing or replacing. You might be surprised to learn what’s actually causing the problem, but it often takes experts like ours here at Freeway Mazda to work out what it is because electrical faults can sometimes be extremely challenging to diagnose.

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