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Vehicle maintenance packages for every season

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Keep your engine happy

Most of us go outside dressed appropriately for whatever weather we are experiencing at the time. However, many people expect their vehicle to run, drive, handle and perform the way they want it to in all conditions without doing anything to make sure that’s the case. As the season changes and the weather changes accordingly, so do the demands on your vehicle, which is where a vehicle maintenance package from Freeway Mazda Surrey comes in.

Most of us are fine with things like filling up the windshield washer reservoir or checking the engine oil level, if we have time or if we can be bothered, of course, but there are lots of things that need to be done to keep a vehicle performing the way we want it through the changing seasons and weather.

Seasonal maintenance packages are checks that are carried out by our Mazda-trained and certified technicians that are appropriate to the upcoming season. Most of the time they include things like oil and filter changes, other vehicle fluid top-ups, or even comprehensive inspections of lights, wiper blades, belts, hoses, suspension components, and electrical and braking systems.

Check out our Service Specials page for information about our latest Seasonal Vehicle Maintenance Packages where you’ll also find details of our sensational value-for-money offers right now on things like tires, batteries, brakes, oil changes, and more. The change of seasons and the accompanying weather isn’t unexpected, so make sure your vehicle is prepared for what’s ahead with a seasonal maintenance package from Freeway Mazda in Surrey, BC.

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