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Why Does My Car Shake When Braking?

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There are several possible issues that can make it so your car trembles when braking. You can usually identify what the problem might be by paying attention to where you feel the trembling. It might be in the steering wheel, brakes, or elsewhere. But what’s the answer to “Why does my car shake when braking?” Well, the most common problems are either with your brake rotors, tires, or suspension system. Keep reading and learn more from the service team at Freeway Mazda.

Your Brake Rotors Are Warped

The most common reason for a trembling car is damaged or warped brake rotors. Your brake rotors work in tandem with your brake pads to stop your wheels. As the rotors age, the wear from braking makes them thinner and thinner. This makes them prone to damage, and excessive heat during braking can warp them. Once the rotors are warped, the brake pads will slip when you brake around Langley and create a quivering sensation that you would feel in the brake pedal.

It’s recommended you replace your brake rotors before at least the first 100,000 kilometres, but depending on your driving style and the climate conditions near Burnaby, it could need to be done earlier.

Your Tires are Old or Misaligned

Another common reason for a car that trembles when braking is for your tires to be either old or out of alignment. Your tires can come out of alignment fairly easily from small accidents like running over a pothole or hitting a curb. Once they are out of alignment (or if your tires are just very old and worn) your suspension needs to work extra hard to keep your car balanced. You’d feel this shaking in your steering wheel.

Usually, your Vancouver area mechanic will check your tire alignment when you get your routine tire rotation. Tire rotations should be performed every 8,000 or 12,000 kilometres. Your owner’s manual will have the optimal tire service intervals.

Steering & Suspension Issues

If your car trembles when braking, and when you’re driving normally, chances are you have an issue with your steering or suspension systems, but some particular problems, such as with an axle shaft, can cause an issue specifically when you come to a stop.

It’s always smart to ask for a general vehicle inspection when you take your vehicle in for an oil change or tire rotation. The mechanic will inspect all of your vehicle’s vital systems, including your steering and suspension, and you’ll be able to catch these issues before they turn into a bigger problem.

How to Fix a Shaking Car

Since there are so many answers to the question, “Why does my car shake when braking?” it’s important to have your vehicle checked by a professional mechanic. An amateur repair on something like your brakes or suspension could lead to an avoidable accident. Although, now that you know some specific shaking symptoms, you’ll have a better idea of what to tell your mechanic. If you suspect an issue, schedule service with Freeway Mazda in Surrey right away.

Your Car Trembles When Braking? The Freeway Mazda service team can help!

Still have questions about why your car shakes when braking? Contact us, and we’ll be happy to answer any and all of them. We’ve seen it all, and we’d love to assist you. Be sure to check our service specials if you need to visit us so that you don’t miss out on great savings.

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